MOMAX 「摩米士」,形客2008年VI作品,一個熱情洋溢、年輕活躍的香港品牌,一直
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MOMAX 「摩米士」,形客2008年作品,讓品牌登上神壇!

MOMAX 「摩米士」,一個熱情洋溢、年輕活躍的香港品牌,一直致力為用家提供高質素及嶄新之產品及服務。短短數年間,MOMAX已發展成最具活力及耀目的流動數碼產品配件品牌,產品在市場上廣受用戶歡迎及青睞。
MOMAX源自Mobile 及Max二字,喻意我們致力成為流動科技產品的先鋒品牌,堅持不斷創新的精神,銳意設計極具魅力的產品,以追求無限大的遠景。

MOMAX "Mo Mishi" shaped passenger 2008 work, an ebullient young vibrant Hong Kong brand, has been committed to providing high quality and innovative users of products and services. Just a few years, MOMAX has become the most dynamic and sparkling accessories brand mobile digital products, products on the market and widely welcomed by users of all ages.
MOMAX Mobile and Max from the word, we strive to be metaphorical pioneer in mobile technology products brand, continue to adhere to the spirit of innovation, forge design very attractive products to the pursuit of infinite vision.
MOMAX from the initial operation of the business of the battery to today's well-known brands of digital products accessories, thanks to persistence and attention to the depth of excavation and brand management, quality products and good visual image of the terminal, in the achievements of today's mobile digital MOMAX accessories industry remarkable achievements!

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